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International Office Relocation

Opening or moving your existing office to another country is an exciting privilege not many companies get to experience. Once you’ve discovered which employees will be making the move, you can begin the process of making this move as efficient as possible for your business.

Visas and/or Work Permits

Require that your employees apply for their visas/work permits early. We recommend not informing employees of when they actually need to get these documents as to not risk putting it off until the last minute. This process can take time and without it, it’s impossible to work in another country. If possible, allow your company to pay for and help with the applications.


Many companies relocating sign the lease and pay for housing for their employees. If you are signing the lease rather than your company, you will need provide evidence of a local bank account and proof that you can work locally. You may need a local agent as many landlords would rather work with companies than employers.


If your employees do not have company phones, inform them that they will need to set up their phones in the new country. You don’t want to be unable to get ahold of your employees in your new location and vise-versa.


Research the most affordable way to move your office/company’s belongings. Some choose to work with movers around the new location to lower shipping costs. But utilizing an American moving company that works both nationally and internationally gets the job done for a cost that’s just as low.

Whether you’re relocating your company to another country or across town, Dircks Moving & Logistics can handle the move. We work closely with our clients to manage the relocation process from beginning to end. Leave your move in our hands, and contact us today.


  1. Chana Martinez
    November 26, 2021

    Thank you for sharing your blog, seems to be useful information can’t wait to dig deep!

  2. Zane Sanchez
    February 26, 2022

    Thank you for sharing these blogs.Relocation has never been a plain sailing task for anyone, especially when you have to move from one corner of the world to another. International relocation needs a lot of pre-hand preparations, which include mental, physical, and social aspects.

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