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Expats Dealing With Culture Shock

Moving to another country can be a very exciting experience; however, you may end up experiencing a bit of culture shock as well, which can be difficult to deal with. Learning how to identify culture shock and knowing how to deal with it will help you enjoy living in a different country.

Identifying Culture Shock

Once the euphoric experience of being somewhere new wears off, you may realize that your normal support systems are no longer as accessible as they once were, leaving you potentially feeling alone and confused. Those experiencing culture shock will begin idealizing life back home, comparing it to the culture you are experiencing now. This can cause feelings of frustration and hostility.

Avoiding Culture Shock as an Expat

Culture shock isn’t unusual, especially if you’ve moved somewhere where the culture is completely different than what you’re used to. Fortunately, many people have worked through similar issues. Here are some tips for dealing with culture shock when moving to a new country.

  • Avoid retreating – Fight the urge to retreat and try to find a social activity to participate in, such as joining a club or taking a language class. This will make it easier for you to become part of a community, allowing you to feel less like an outsider.
  • Make your home comfortable – Set up your home so that you feel safe and comfortable. Your personal space is important and will make you feel more at ease with where you are.
  • Get around – Go exploring. Find a coffee shop or bar to visit regularly where people will begin to recognize your face.

Culture shock is normal but can be avoided. If you’re planning an international move from Phoenix, then be sure to contact Dircks Moving & Logistics.

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