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Relocating Data Centers

When it comes to relocating a business, moving companies with corporate moving experience should have no problem handling the task, which generally involves the breaking down, storage, transportation, and assembly of equipment. However, relocating a data center is a whole different challenge that not all moving companies can handle.

The Challenges of Relocating a Data Center

There are many considerations that must be made in order to relocate an entire data center. Besides just making sure that all of the equipment is properly transported from one location to another and set back up in as safe and efficient a manner possible, the customer data held by the data center needs to be available and accessible throughout the transition.

The longer the downtime is, the more likely that clients will experience the loss of business as a result of not having access to their data. The following are the two methods used to move data centers:

  1. Push/Pull – The traditional push/pull method is the least expensive data center relocation technique. It’s better suited for smaller data centers, since equipment will be shipped and reassembled at the new location. Meticulous planning must be done so that the equipment can be properly assembled and set up at the new location immediately, thereby limiting downtime as much as possible.
  2. Migration – Migration is the safest way to relocate a data center. It involves setting up a duplicate data center to prevent loss of access to the data. The duplicate data center must be thoroughly tested before migration can take place to ensure no issues occur.

If you need to have your data center relocated, then make sure you hire an experienced mover that can limit your downtime. Contact us at Dircks Moving & Logistics for more information today.

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