Moving Tips & Advice

Getting Your Kids Excited About Moving

Humans are naturally wired to find comfort in familiarity. This is especially true in children; kids don’t like change. Moving to a new town and school can be very difficult for children anywhere from elementary to high school. They don’t want to leave the friendships they’ve created, and they often wonder if they’ll even be […]

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Common Moving Injuries

Moving can be very frustrating. With packing and lifting, it’s easy to leave safety on the back burner. Injuries while moving are more common than you think. Here are some you should try to avoid while moving.Broken Fingers and Stubbed ToesIt’s easy to accidentally drop a box on your foot. Once that happens, moving gets […]

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How to Pack Fragile Items

The question on every mover’s mind—how do I make sure my fragile items don’t break in themove? The experts at Dircks Moving and Logistics know exactly how. Here’s are some tips andtricks to make sure you don’t shatter your in-law’s wedding gifts.Part 1—Prep WorkHere’s what you’ll need to begin.Supplies:1. Cardboard Boxes2. Packing Peanuts3. Bubble Wrap4. Newspaper5. Marker6. […]

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How to Move Big Items

Some of the most common searched moving questions are how to move large belongings. An expert moving company can move almost anything, no matter how big. Here are moving tips on the most common large-item moves. Pool Tables Use four wooden dollies to move your table with ease. Lock your dollies before lifting the table […]

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Moving Checklist

The last thing you want your move to be is disorganized. No one wants to experience that helpless feeling of losing something during a move. We’ve composed a checklist for you to follow months, weeks, and days up until your move. While this list takes planning, it’ll be worth it when all your beloved items […]

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Moving Etiquette Tips

Professionally trained and experienced movers are always courteous to their customers. This might seem like common sense, but some movers fail at basic customer service. At Dircks Moving and Logistics, we know our reputation depends on how we treat people. As a customer, you are in no way obligated to show etiquette. You’ve got a lot on […]

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How to De-Stress Before a Move

Is there such a thing as a non-stressful move? You’d be forgiven for thinking not. Moves cost money, take time and effort, involve your most valuable possessions, and mark significant change in your life. It’s not exactly a relaxing business. Still, you can reduce the stress of moving with these tips: Hire Movers with a […]

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Tips to Snag the Home You Really Want

The average person buys a home only three times throughout their lives. It’s definitely not something you do every day, and not something you take lightly. At the same time, you can’t take too long to make this important life decision, because having a roof over your head is a pretty urgent matter. How can […]

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